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Uniform Guidelines

The BCA Automotive has been selected to provide you with the Brand image, smart at all times as well as provide the necessary protection whilst at work

All uniform must be correctly worn at all times; it must be neat, clean and pressed as applicable. Must be a proper fit with all buttons and zips done up.

If issued uniform must be worn at all times

You may only wear your uniform when working for the company or travelling to and from work

The labels must not be removed form any items, this is not only company policy, but is also a requirement of HMRC for all work wear.

Issue of new uniform:

When issued, the wearer must sign for all items of uniform. A copy of the signed form will be retained in the wearers personnel file.

Care of your uniform:

Items of uniform perform better and last longer when they are properly maintained and cared for. Each item of uniform is expected to last a period of 12 months

Read the label for care instructions – if it specifics dry cleaning it should never be washed and if it states washable follow the suggested guidelines

When not wearing the uniform store it clean and in a dry airtight container – for example the bag that has been provided

Damaged Uniform:

Any worn torn or shabby items of uniform should be exchanged. Items of uniform are replaced new for old free of charge, however all items of uniform remain the property of BCAA

Return of uniform: All uniform much be returned to your designated depot.

Staff where no uniform issued

All members of staff, regardless of whether you are in a customer-facing role are expected to dress smartly for work and present a professional image, in most situations common sense will dictate what is appropriate business attire but please see the following guidance on what is acceptable:


  • Business suits are to be worn with a shirt and BCA tie when representing the Company and meeting with customers, clients, or any other external party. This includes meetings taking place both on and off BCA premises.
  • It is not a requirement to wear a tie in the office if you are not meeting with customers, clients, or any other external party.

Other office based staff:

  • Smart tailored trousers must be worn by men, either as part of a suit or otherwise, no denim, linen, or sportswear may be worn. Logos or embellishments are not permitted.  
  • Ladies may also wear smart tailored trousers, a smart tailored skirt or dress. Denim, linen, or sportswear may not be worn and logos or embellishments are not permitted.
  • Long or short sleeved shirts or blouses may be worn, no denim, linen, sportswear. Logos or embellishments are not permitted.
  • A suit jacket or other smart jacket may be worn, no denim, leather, or sportswear.
  • T-shirts and casual tops may not be worn.
  • Smart jumpers or cardigans may be worn, no sweatshirts, “hoodies”, or sportswear. Logos or embellishments are not permitted.
  • Sensible and smart footwear must be worn, no trainers, or other casual shoes. For health and safety reasons flip-flops, open toe sandals, or excessively high heels must not be worn.